Master in Sport Management

Program presentation

This postgraduate degree program includes a wide range of specialised modules created for professionals who invest a year in deepening their general knowledge and innovative management techniques to confidently face the challenges of directing and managing sports companies in international environments.

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According to IVIE Ranking of the Fundacion VBVA in 2018 for employability, UEMC is:

-in the Top 20 university in Spain.

-1st in the province of Castilla y leon

-2nd private university in Spain

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Frequently Asked Questions


The master in sport management is designed for undergraduates or young professionals who want to start a career in the sport industry. This program also targets senior executives who want to upgrade their knowledge in the technical aspects they need to progress to board level or to play new roles in their organizations which involve the supervision of sport facilities and international sport ventures.

Program duration

The master in finance program lasts one and half year. The coursework takes place during the first two semesters. The research, thesis writing and defense take place during the third semester.

Admission requirements

A bachelor degree and five years of working experience
A degree equivalent to a three-year of systematic learning in a recognized university and eight years of working experience

Special cases can be accepted on individual basis after decision of the admission committee.

Admission procedure

Applicants are required to provide the following material to accompany their application:
o CV
o Letters of recommendation
o Transcripts and a copy of previous degree
o A proof of payment of the application fees
o A copy of the candidate’s passport


Develop expertise and legitimacy in the sport industry
In today's globalised economy, the sport industry is going through rapid changes which require managers to upgrade their knowledge in specific skills and management techniques. The Master in Sports Management has been designed as an international program for professionals from public and private organisations in the sports industries.

Learning objectives



Provide a solid theoretical basis to  allow students to consolidate their understanding of sport company, such as management tools and technical concepts.



Give opportunities to put into practice the theoretical concepts seen in situations such as sports facilities and international sport events.


Decision making

Master the main management and leadership approaches in order to build fundamental skills in decision-making required to lead organizations, facilities and sporting events.



Develop the social skills required for manager to be successful in the Sport Industry such as negotiation and leadership skills. 


Career development

Develop new perspectives for professional growth in or in relation to the sports industry.


System thinking

To comprehend the sport industry in its complex economic, legal and social environment so that students can analyze and synthese the market and the life cycle of a business in the sports industry.



Department : EQMD
Credit : 18
More Detail

MKIB04Business Simulation

Department : MKIB
Credit : 10
More Detail

SCIS10Leadership in sport business

Department : SCIS
Credit : 4
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MSET20Entrepreuneurship and Innovation in sport organizations

Department : MSET
Credit : 4
More Detail

SCIS09Sport facilities management

Department : SCIS
Credit : 4
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FAAC06Financial management in sport organizations

Department : FAAC
Credit : 4
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MKIB03Sponsorship, communication, and sport events

Department : MKIB
Credit : 4
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SOSC13Sport sociology

Department : SOSC
Credit : 4
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EQMD17Economic analysis of the sports industry

Department : EQMD
Credit : 4
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MSET010Strategic management

Department : MSET
Credit : 4
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