CEIBA aims at providing a World Class Business Education that makes an impact in the economic relations between Europe and China. We inspire executives to bring change. We will provide them with the learning and networking platform they need to develop an agile mindset and succeed. 

CEIBA offers an innovative ecosystem that is shaped to provide the leaders of tomorrow with a learning space which help them to develop a global vision, have a positive social impact, and solve real-word business and management issues. 

Our Philosophy

Strong in boundary-spanning and entrepreneurial culture, CEIBA delivers a technology-based learning experience at the center of a rapidly-changing business world. 

CEIBA's Principle

Our Master and Doctoral programs are adapted to market trends and driven by the ambition of shaping purposeful and creative leaders who are adept at managing within both local and global context.

Key Of Success

We are a community that ensures lifelong learners benefit from targeted academic experience and from both innovative and inspiring academic programs.

Our ambition

CEIBA has the ambition to be an independent and influential channel of communication between: 1-business educators & researchers and the business community ; 2- the European and Chinese societies. We leverage synergies to solve industry and society’s most challenging issues. 


Our commitment to cross-disciplinary collaboration fosters creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in developing an institutional culture that provides students with an atmosphere which encourages them to be innovative and take initiatives. CEIBA’s faculty, administration and staff collaborate with external partners and with our alumni to keep our programs at the spearhead of pedagogical innovation.

Impactful Alumni

CEIBA strives to serve as a forum in which students and alumni from Europe and Asia can develop cooperative projects that will contribute to the development of the Eurasian economic space. CEIBA is engaged in developing a vibrant alumni community and that CEIBA continues to deliver benefits to students after their graduation.