Master Business Administration (MBA)

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The MBA provides promising executives with academic fundamentals in business and management. The program provides theoretical background for students to engage in case studies and projects with a higher level of analysis. 

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Our MBA program is designed to maximize your experience both in the classroom and in your organization. Do you want to develop your managerial potential? Do you want to know the latest trends in leadership and corporate management? Do you want to benefit from a cross disciplinary learning experience powered by active learning?

Students dynamically acquire skills and knowledge by combining theoretical concepts with the analysis and discussion of cases. These case studies reflect real-world business issues and expose students to situations of decision-making similar to which they face in companies.

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UEMC young and dynamic campus is located in the historic, medium-sized city of Valladolid that is both accessible and safe. Our University is at the forefront of the development of effective personalised support, tutorials that help to reinforce abilities and boost results and education through modern information technologies and communication.

VSO primarily focuses on educating and preparing qualified experts for professions in the fields of business. In the course of the study graduates acquire not only theoretical knowledge but it is also our prime aim to link it to the application in practical life. The graduates can, therefore succeed in the highly competitive environment of the current labour market.

The MBA jointly promoted by CEIBA and University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia, gives a vision of the organization as a complex and interactive puzzle, in which the different pieces have to follow a joint strategy and a coherent operational plan.


The MBA provides concepts and tools that are directly applicable to one’s organization. 


The program is a great platform which allows participants to interact and share experience. 


The MBA is structured to enable executives to further their demanding career while pursuing their postgraduate education.