In order to reach CEIBA’s overarching aspirations, we focus on strategic goals that generate value for our students and partners. Above all, we support our mission in three main ways: committing to clearly defined goals, delivering community services and respecting international standards.

European Traditions

CEIBA is an institution of higher learning founded to provide innovative solutions for executives and managers who aspire to further their studies and benefit from a higher education according to European standards.

​​​​We develop and deliver high-quality programs which combine distance education with in-class learning experiences, regardless of location and citizenship. 


Our community of scholars and students bases its educational philosophy on CEIBA core values which encourage freedom of thought and foster tolerance and respect for diversity.


United by their commitment to life-long learning and leadership, professors and students are dedicated to contribute to fulfill CEIBA’s mission by:

  1. Providing a transformative student experience based on innovative pedagogical models and with a commitment to student success. 
  2. Developing targeted programs that attract a globally diverse faculty and student body who share our core values. 
  3. Developing and sustaining close cooperation with the industry, research organizations and our alumni. 
  4. Bringing together European and Asian business executives.