EMBA @ University of Angers

Program presentation

The IAE Angers and CEIBA Business School join their know-how and competences in business and international management to deploy this EMBA program. This training is aimed at middle or senior managers who wish to acquire and develop knowledge in business and management for the development of their career and of their organization. This training associating IAE Angers and CEIBA Business School wishes to focus more particularly on strategic thinking and leadership to support organizations and their transformation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Program duration

This EMBA program lasts one year. The coursework takes place during the first two semesters, while thesis writing and defense take place during the last semester.

Admission requirements

A bachelor degree and three years of working experience
A Zhuangke degree equivalent to a three-year of systematic learning in a recognized university and four years of working experience

Special cases can be accepted on individual basis after decision of the admission committee.

Admission procedure

Applicants are required to provide the following material to accompany their application:
o CV
o Letters of recommendation
o Transcripts and a copy of previous degree
o A proof of payment of the application fees
o A copy of the candidate’s passport

Graduation requirements

o successfully complete all compulsory courses
o submit a research thesis (at least 20 000 words) and successfully pass the viva-voce defense before the thesis defense committee.

Program objectives



Creation, development and management of a company



Making managerial decisions in line with the organization’s strategy



Definition and implementation of the strategic orientations of a structure.



 Organization and implementation of the structure’s operating procedures



Design and implementation of processes and tools to manage the performance of the organization 



Management of teams, supervision and coordination of projects. Adoption of an innovative approach in managerial practices. 

Competence development

Monitor changes

in the environment or eco-system and anticipate possible transformations and innovations that could have an impact on the company’s strategy

Leading or co-leading

 the construction of a strategic vision, setting objectives and giving meaning by implementing a strategic diagnostic approach, building a strategic plan adapted to the corporate structure, and identifying and analyzing specific management issues.

Federating and animating

internal and external actors (governance) in order to develop a network (internal and external) conducive to the strategic development of the company

Develop policies

and practices conducive to the company’s dynamism by designing solutions, deploying decision-making tools and identifying and interpreting performance indicators

Control and measure

the relevance and performance of management tools by establishing and analyzing key documents and decision-making tools

Auditing, evaluating and analyzing

 the associated risks by integrating the management of information systems in all management areas and in the  interactions between the organisation and its environment


MKIB05Professional Seminars

Department : MKIB
Credit : 5
More Detail


Department : EQMD
Credit : 20
More Detail

FAAC19Accounting, control, and finance

Department : FAAC
Credit : 5
More Detail

SCIS12Innovation Management

Department : SCIS
Credit : 5
More Detail

SCIS11Project Management

Department : SCIS
Credit : 5
More Detail

MSET105Strategic Management

Department : MSET
Credit : 5
More Detail

EQMD150Economic and legal environment

Department : EQMD
Credit : 5
More Detail

MSET17Human Resources Management

Department : MSET
Credit : 5
More Detail

EQMD08Research design and methodology

Department : EQMD
Credit : 5
More Detail

Program Admission

In China

CEIBA Business School cooperates with Xuewe Education to deliver UA’s EMBA in China, please contact us at: [email protected]

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