MBA @ University of Vic

Program presentation

UVic MBA is not a common training program: it is a transformative experience. It provides functional experts from diverse areas such as finance, marketing, engineering, etc. with comprehensive knowledge in organizational management.

The MBA jointly promoted by CEIBA and University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia, gives a vision of the organization as a complex and interactive puzzle, in which the different pieces have to follow a joint strategy and a coherent operational plan. Thus, business problems are approached from a strategy standpoint with a focus on people. Because running an organization is not a simple management problem, the program provides the keys for competent leadership in constantly changing environments.

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A springboard for future leaders

The MBA is the ideal program for experts, managers, and entrepreneurs who want to deepen their knowledge of management sciences while developing a holistic vision of their organization. The program is based on a practical and interactive business case analysis and offers a body of experienced professors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program duration

The MBA last one and half year. The coursework takes place during the first two semesters. The research, thesis writing and defense take place during the third semester.

Admission requirements

The MBA has the following specific admission requirements:
• a university degree.
• professional experience is key to exploit the networking potential of the MBA to establish fruitful connections between the university, professionals and students.
• pass the admission interview with the coordinators

Admission procedure

Applicants are required to provide the following material to accompany their application:
o CV
o Letters of recommendation
o Transcripts and a copy of previous degree
o A proof of payment of the application fees
o A copy of the candidate’s passport

Graduation requirements

– successfully complete all compulsory courses
– submit a research thesis (at least 20 000 words) and successfully pass the viva-voce defense before the thesis defense committee.

UVIC-CEIBA MBA trains professionals to:



Be competitive in local and global markets.



Understand business reality as from an interactive and multidisciplinary perspective



Understand organizations as a constantly changing reality.



Lead projects and face new challenges with creativity, initiative and professionalism.



Promote growth together with professional and personal development in their organizations.


Personal development

Enhance their personal skills such as leadership, communication, decision making and innovation.

The MBA is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, and experts, who own a degree and want to update their knowledge to exercise managerial and leadership responsibilities in their organization. The MBA is the platform for professionals with high development potential. It is the final leap to leadership and strategic functions.

Marcin KoszolkoDean

Global vision and integration with previous experience

the students learn how to manage businesses with operational efficiency and a holistic vision.

Emphasis on entrepreneurship

the entrepreneur’s own skills are useful both in developing their own business ideas and projects and within an organisation.   

People orientation

the managerial function is intensive in human relations. The goal is to train honest, innovative and creative professionals who are able to lead complex and changing environments.

Promotion of self-knowledge

The use of the Discovery Insights methodology fosters self-knowledge for relational effectiveness, personal and professional development and an understanding of one’s own leadership style.

Experiential learning

the programme is oriented towards professional performance, and seeks a balance between theoretical study and practical application through the business case methodology.


Beyond the development of one’s personal contacts, enhance ability to create a strong network of collaborating companies and entities.

Program Admission

In China

CEIBA cooperates with Pouder Sunshine Education Technology to deliver UVIC MBA in China, please contact us at: [email protected]

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