Graduate programs

Join us and succeed with your master’s degree while benefiting from a great student experience and an outstanding stimulus for your career.

Whether you want to enhance your career potential or enhance your expertise in your own discipline, CEIBA provides excellent teaching and support.

CEIBA offers a range of degree programs adapted to the needs of rising executives who want to specialise in an area of interest while boosting one’s career.

Enhance your profile

Our part-time programs allow you to continue working full-time while develop the skills to help you succeed in your career. You can develop the knowledge you gained in former studies or engage in a new major.

Your development

While being achievable, our master’s programs are awarded by accredited institutions thus ensuring high academic standards. Companies are placing greater emphasis on top talent who engage in continuous development and are dedicated to achieving high performance As a result, more and more executives are going back to school to engage in post-graduate studies.

Master in finance

Financial institutions, insurance companies, corporations, banks, consulting firms, the public sector, venture capitalists and fintech all require executives with updated technical knowledge in finance.

Master in psychology

Become proficient in industrial and organizational psychology, which is an asset for those who want to work in education, private businesses, and government.