Executive MBA (EMBA)

Program presentation

The EMBA pedagogy is centered around class discussions and dynamic conversations which emphasize strategic thinking and leadership. Thanks to their extensive work experience and expertise from various industries, EMBA participant analyze business cases and discuss solution to real-world business problems at a high level. The exchange between peers and between students and professors both generate an inspiring learning environment.

EMBA participants

The Executive MBA program provides a global mindset and focus on real-world applicability. EMBA students are mid or senior level managers who want to acquire knowledge and tools that will produce measurable results and impact in their organization.

CEIBA EMBA in collaboration with

UEMC young and dynamic campus is located in the historic, medium-sized city of Valladolid. UEMC is at the forefront of the development of effective personalised support, tutorials that help to reinforce abilities and boost results and education through modern information technologies and communication.

UVic-UCC is a young university, officially recognized by the Parliament of Catalonia in May 1997, but which origins trace back to the creation of the Literary University of Vic in 1599. On that year, King Philip III grants l’Estudi General de Vic the privilege of granting degrees in Arts and Philosophy.