Innovative approach

We create value to society.

Innovative pedagogy

A learning facilitation platform.

Practical relevance

We develop stimulating curricula adapted to today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Executive programs

Our MBA, EMBA and DBA programs are designed to enhance the skills of rising executives.

The values we share

The faculty of CEIBA, in support of its vision and mission statement, embraces values that drive us to reaching our goals within the context of the School's disciplines.

The primary values of CEIBA are: student success, practical relevance, diversity and multiculturalism, innovation, inclusiveness and connectivity. 


CEIBA aims at providing a World Class Business Education that makes an impact in the economic relations between Europe and China. We inspire executives to bring change.

CEIBA offers an innovative ecosystem that is shaped to provide the leaders of tomorrow with a learning space which help them to develop a global vision, have a positive social impact, and solve real-word business and management issues.

Education Services

CEIBA offers a digital educational platform adapted for executives who are engaged in lifelong learning.

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International Hubs

CEIBA develop strong partnerships with European and Asian universities to provide a rich learning experience to executives. 

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Master's and Doctor's

CEIBA provides a space for students to develop themselves through our postgraduate and doctoral programs which are adapted to the busy schedules of rising executives.

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Engaged scholarship

The collaboration between professors and doctoral candidates contributes to ensuring the relevance and the impact of our research.

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