International partners

International mission

Enhancing our students capacity to develop their business in a globalized world is central to our mission.

Partner university

We seek to develop a network in order to provide our students with a variety of captivating degree programs from our partner universities. 

International strategy

The implementation of our international strategy is key to the long-term development of CEIBA’s partnerships and program portfolio.  

Corporate partner

The close alliance of CEIBA with the industry ensure the continuous alignment of our teaching content with the real needs of companies. 

Teaching staff exchanges

Professor exchanges with our partner universities contribute to the internationalization of our faculty and the development of our research capacity.

Summer and winter programs

Short term programs are designed in cooperation with our partner universities for our students to attend optional courses and gain additional credits. 

CEIBA partner universities

CEIBA and the Miguel de Cervantes European University would like to accompany you in your learning process and future development from the international perspective that the global 21st century society demands. To do so, we offer a hands-on teaching staff with highly specialised academic and professional profiles who work with the most innovative methods to help maximise both personal and technical abilities. We are convinced that the teaching you receive will generate the essential aptitudes and values to incorporate successfully in the labour market.

CEIBA and VSO primarily focuses on educating and preparing qualified experts for professions in the fields of business. In the course of the study graduates acquire not only theoretical knowledge but it is also our prime aim to link it to the application in practical life. The graduates can, therefore succeed in the highly competitive environment of the current labour market.

UVic-UCC is a young university, officially recognized by the Parliament of Catalonia in May 1997, but which origins trace back to the creation of the Literary University of Vic in 1599. On that year, King Philip III grants l’Estudi General de Vic the privilege of granting degrees in Arts and Philosophy. Today, UVic is a European university with a local Catalan regional commitment. UVic-UCC is under the authority of the Fundació Universitària Balmes, but benefits from a public control, thus guaranteeing flexible, accountable and efficient government.

The history of the University of Angers traces back to the 11th century and was officially recognised as a university in 1337. Today, the University has over 25 000 students and delivers more than 450 degrees. The University is very international with 12% international students from over 120 countries and thanks to its 475 partner universities worldwide.