Doctor Business and Administration (DBA)

Program presentation

The DBA is an executive doctoral degree program that is designed for working professionals. According to the international standards set by the EDBA Council, CIEBA’s DBA promotes a research approach adapted for high-level executive, namely the “engaged scholarship” which focuses on topics at the intersection of theory and contemporary business issues.

The DBA program is a platform that promotes a participatory architecture that allow participants to create value while engaging diverse stakeholders in an academic research that leads to practical contributions to their company, industry and society.

DBA program coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

Program duration

Three years: The coursework takes place in the first year. The research phase last at least two years and culminates with the viva-voce defense.

Admission requirements

A master degree from a recognized university and five years of working experience

Special cases can be accepted on individual basis after decision of the admission committee.

Admission procedure

Applicants are required to provide the following material to accompany their application:
o CV
o Letters of recommendation
o Transcripts and a copy of previous degree
o A proof of payment of the application fees
o A copy of the candidate’s passport

Graduation requirements

o successfully complete all compulsory courses
o submit a research thesis (at least 20 000 words) and successfully pass the viva-voce defense before the thesis defense committee.

Personal benefits

Participant benefits from a Knowledge update on business and management, and from an opportunity for career differentiation and advancement, notably toward the academic and consulting. 

Organizational benefits

The DBA also benefits to participants’ organization as they can address their own business problems and use academic methods to solve them. Students build skills and competences that can contribute to develop their company.


All courses and key academic activities are scheduled during the week-ends, which allows DBA candidates great
flexibility to manage their professional and personal lives.