The faculty of CEIBA, in support of its vision and mission statement, embraces values that drive us to reaching our goals within the context of the School's disciplines.

The primary values of CEIBA are:


Student success

We believe that quality is a continuous improvement process, which requires staff and faculty with a real sensitivity to our student’s needs for intellectual and personal growth. We are a community that ensures students benefit from targeted learning experience and from both innovative and inspiring academic programs. This is characterized by a rich platform for students to combine their natural dispositions and engage their skills to design a purposeful and productive career path. We believe that engaged scholarship can help our students to become visionary leaders and global citizens.


Practical relevance

CEIBA is committed to develop programs that meet the needs of the regional, national and international community. We make pedagogical decisions to enhance the quality of learning provided to support students’ continuous growth and development. We seek to develop stimulating curricula with strong practical relevance in today’s rapidly changing business environment. We value a curriculum that allow students to enhance their sense of work ethic and personal values.


Diversity and multiculturalism

We value diversity and believe multiculturalism can enhance the quality and impact of our programs. Diversity enhances mutual respect of each other’s dignity and contributes to helping students navigate in a multicultural world in which people have the right to have contrasting opinions. We value developing cultural intelligence which has the potential to increase personal and organizational adaptability and success. 



Our commitment to cross-disciplinary collaboration fosters creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in developing an institutional culture that provides students with an atmosphere which encourages them to be innovative and take initiatives. CEIBA’s faculty, administration and staff collaborate with external partners and with our alumni to keep our programs at the spearhead of pedagogical innovation.


Inclusiveness and connectivity

We value inclusiveness and ethics as the key principles that allow CEIBA to gather the talents and abilities necessary to fulfil its mission. We recognize that discussion, fairness, integrity and open exchange of ideas is instrumental for enhancing mutual understanding and exchange of thought that is necessary for innovative synergies. We value the opportunity to engage the local, national and international community (professional associations, top universities, the industry and other stakeholders) to help CEIBA make a difference.