Areas of Excellence

The Research Lab focuses on four areas of excellence:

New Framework

Political economy: Asia-Europe relations

Professors from the EQMD department are interested in providing additional insights into the geopolitics and inter-state relations in the Eurasian space and beyond. To what extend does the New Silk Road initiative changes the economic landscape between China and Europe? 

Strategic innovation: AI and platform governance

This area of excellence engages transversal cooperation between professors from the SCIS and MSET departments. They are interested in the challenges and opportunities linked with product platforms, notably governance issues. Artificial intelligence in business and administration is also a promising research direction. Indeed, if AI is a serious investment for many organizations, return on investment is often unclear. 

Huge Options
Easy To Manage?

Leadership versus management in China

The international academia is increasingly interested in Chinese management practices. It has been the central theme of the 2011 Academy of Management Annual Meeting: “West Meets East”. Strong in our close proximity with Chinese companies, our professors from the MKIB and MSET departments look into the leadership and management practices in China. 

New Insights

Entrepreneurship and family business

Entrepreneurs igniting a startup in China and intrapreneurs engaged in organizational change in international companies all face different challenges which are addressed by our professors from the MSET and MKIB departments. The Lab is dedicated to generate knowledge about specific practices related to Family business in China according to the highest academic standards.