Helmuth Yesid Arias Gómez

Mgr. Helmuth Yesid Arias Gómez, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Arias Gómez, PhD. enjoys with the redaction of scientific articles in topics related with economic theory, New Economic Geography, Trade Theory, localization of manufacturing activities, industrial economics, theory of firm, Location Theory, Regional and Local development and Regional Science. His articles have been published in journals of Europe and Latin America. He has strived to combine the GIS techniques and visualizations with econometrics tools and statistical computational packages.


In terms of professional experience professor Arias Gómez developed an extensive career in the field of economics in institutions of his country of origin. He participated in a project of Colombian Central Bank related with the development and processing of basic information for the compilation of the Balance of Payment statistics, particularly in the chapter related with the Capital and Financial Account. He also carried out a project in the Colombian Ministry of Finance dealing with the up-to-date of basic information about public debt and the internal coherence of the computational data base. In the Colombian Statistical Office, he was member of the team responsible of elaborating the National Accounts and the Manufacturing Surveys. 

Professor Arias Gómez feels special predilection for econometrics and specialized software applied in econometrics, economics and Geographic Information Systems. During his professional and academic life, he has accumulated experience in the handling of econometric packages as R, STATA, Rats and E Views. In terms of visualizations and geo-processing he has handled spatial software as Arc MAP, Arc PRO, R, and has acquired basic skills in the programming of Python.


  • Ph.D. in Applied Economic Analysis and Economic History at the University of Seville, Spain.
  • Master degree in Economic Science from the National University of Colombia.


  • Antosova, G., & Arias Gomez, H. Y. (2014). The region of Liberec as tourist destination: an analysis of case in the Czech Republic. Cuadernos de Desarrollo Rural, 11(73), 39-59.
  • Antošová, G., Gomez, J. E. A., & Gomez, H. Y. A. (2019). Design tourist planning in Colombian lagged destination: Case study Bahía Solano. Journal of Tourism and Services, 10(19), 128-152.
  • Gómez, H. Y. A., & Antošová, G. (2019). A Spatial Approach for Framing the Development of Tourism: Bahía Solano–Colombia. European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation, 9(2), 26-39.


Quantitative Methods70%
Financial Modelling 100%