Ing. Gabriela Antošová Ph.D.

Ing. Gabriela Antošová Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Junior Research Fellow and Assistant Professor at the University College of Business in Prague, Czech Republic. She focuses on the management of the endogenous potentials in the regional and social development, cultural rural tourism and multidisciplinary content of methodological approaches in research.


She was a member of the research project „Complex theoretical model for estimating a reasonable financial compensation for employee innovations“ at University of Economics in Prague, financed by Czech Science Foundation. Academic and teaching experiences in Czech Republic, Spain and Colombia. Scientific major interests are in innovations, strategic planning and development, microeconomics, business etiquette and internationalization processes. 

She holds a Certificate of Justice translators and Certificate of Education in Law emitted by Charles University in Prague. She is a member of Editorial board in the international Journal CIVILIZAR DE EMPRESA Y ECONOMÍA (Colombia), Journal CIVILIZAR CIENCIAS SOCIALES Y HUMANAS (Colombia), Journal of Intercultural communication (Sweden), Cultural Heritage and Journal tourist territory (Latvia). She is a member of Scientific board of the international organizations ACADEMIA EUROPA NOSTRA (Poland), CITUR Leiria Portugal. She was nominated by Scientific Parque of Social Innovation for publishing journals at the 2020 International Conference on Tourism, Technology & Systems.


  • Ph.D. in Regional and Social Development on the Faculty of Economics and Management at University of Life Sciences in Prague
  • Master degree in management and finances from University of Life Sciences in Prague

Selected Publications

  • Antošová, G., Gomez, J. E. A., & Gomez, H. Y. A. (2019). Design tourist planning in Colombian lagged destination: Case study Bahía Solano. Journal of Tourism and Services, 10(19), 128-152.
  • Svačina, P., & Antošová, G. (2018). Searching for Today’s Purpose of Remunerating Employee Inventions Through Grounded Theory. In The Impact of Globalization on International Finance and Accounting (pp. 217-227). Springer, Cham.
  • Gómez, H. Y. A., & Antošová, G. (2019). A Spatial Approach for Framing the Development of Tourism: Bahía Solano–Colombia. European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation, 9(2), 26-39.


Interpersonal skills90%
Global strategy70%