Ing.Mgr. Juraj Chebeň, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

He has been teaching a variety of marketing- related courses in Slovak and French at Faculty of Commerce of University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia for 10 years and also at Faculty of management of Comenius University, Slovakia for 8 years. For more than 3 years he has been teaching various marketing-related and managerial courses in Czech and English at Metropolitan University Prague and Private College of Economics in Znojmo, both in Czech Republic. He was also teaching marketing communications at Academy of media studies in Bratislava, Slovakia.


Juraj Chebeň has passed research stays at Grant MacEwan University, Delaware University, Lyon III University, and Pierre Mendes France University in Grenoble. He has taught at universities in Canada, UK, France (Grenoble, Lyon, Lille), Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

In his pedagogical and research work, he focuses on HEI marketing, globalization in agriculture, diversity management, strategic marketing, and advertising. His most valuable monographs are Strategic Marketing Plan and Scientific Aspects of Modern Advertising Creation, and chapter in International Marketing of Higher Education published by Palgrave MacMillan. His most valuable publications are in Journal of Business Research, Amfiteatru Economic, Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, and Studies in Business and Economics. His research has also appeared in numerous conference proceedings and he has presented his research also in European Marketing Academy.

He is a member of European Marketing Academy, member of a scientific board of Portuguese scientific journal International Business and Economic Review, and external referee of Romanian scientific journal Amfiteatru Economic, Czech scientific journal Journal of Tourism and Services, and Slovak scientific journal Communication Today.


  • Ph.D. from Faculty of Economics and Management of Slovak Agricultural University
  • Master`s degree in Economics and Management from Faculty of Economics of Matej Bel University
  • Master`s degree in French language from Constantine Philosopher University.

Selected publications

  • Angulo-Ruiz, F., Pergelova, A., & Cheben, J. (2016). The relevance of marketing activities for higher education institutions. In International marketing of higher education (pp. 13-45). Palgrave Macmillan, New York.
  • Angulo-Ruiz, F., Pergelova, A., Cheben, J., & Angulo-Altamirano, E. (2016). A cross-country study of marketing effectiveness in high-credence services. Journal of business research, 69(9), 3636-3644.
  • Dabija, D. C., Chebeň, J., & Lančarič, D. (2017). Cross-cultural investigation of consumers’ generations attitudes towards purchase of environmentally friendly products in apparel retail. Studies in Business and Economics, 12(3), 27-42.
  • CHEBEŇ, J. – LANČARIČ, D. – SAVOV, R. – TÓTH, M. – TLUČHOŘ, J. (2015): Towards sustainable marketing: strategy in Slovak companies. In: Amfiteatru Economic. vol. 17 . No. 40, pp. 855-871.
  • LANČARIČ, D. - CHEBEŇ, J. – SAVOV,R. (2015): Factors influencing the implementation of diversity management concept in business organizations in transition economy. A case of Slovakia. In: Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 28:1, 1162-1184
  • SAVOV, R. – CHEBEŇ, J. – LANČARIČ, D. –SERENČÉŠ, R. (2017): MBNQA approach in quality management supporting sustainable business performance in agribusiness. In: Amfiteatru Economic. Vol. 19. No. 44, pp. 10 - 27
  • CHEBEŇ, J. – LANČARIČ, D. – MUNK, M. – OBDRŽÁLEK, P. (2020): Determinants of economic sustainability of higher education institutions. In: Amfiteatru Economic. vol. 22. No. 54, pp. 462 - 479


International marketing90%
Culture and diversity management70%
Higher education100%