Marcin Koszolko

Marcin Koszolko, MA

Assistant Professor

As dean of CEIBA Business School, Marcin participate to all major committees while making independent judgments on policy, budget and administrative matters, thus ensure that the people and academic programs are harmonious and in line with the missions and values of CEIBA.


Marcin’s main academic focus is on cross-culture understanding, both on micro and macro level. ┬áHe notably coordinated a European Union project involving building a partnership for tourism development on the border between Poland and Belarus, thus providing insights on interpersonal and international issues across cultural, economic and social boundaries.

Marcin realized a longitudinal study using qualitative methods to understand the adaptation of the social movements in a new social and economic environment. His current academic research focuses on sociological perspectives on entrepreneurship and change management.

Marcin has professional and personal experience in over 60 countries in which he gave speeches and lectures, and seminars, notably regarding cross-cultural understanding, culture shock, and social and economic analysis and adaptation strategies for executives and organizations.


  • Master in micro-sociology, Catholic University in Lublin2003
  • Bachelor in Sociology, Catholic University in Lublin2000


Qualitative research 85%
Social theories95%
Lecture Skill100%