UEMC MBA and EMBA program opening ceremony in China

On Sunday, August 17, 2020

Wintop invited 90 students and professors to participate in the 2020 Opening Ceremony of the MBA and EMBA programs of UEMC. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wintop celebrated the kick-off of this new collaboration with its first digital opening ceremony, to which students participated safely from their homes, while the ceremony itself was held in Shanghai. Despite the new setup, the opening ceremony kept some traditions alive, including playing the national anthems at the beginning of the event and students’ oath as a conclusion. To commemorate the new programs in China and partnership between UEMC, CEIBA and Wintop, UEMC Secretary General José Antonio Otero Parra formally welcomed students to the 2020-21 academic year and congratulated them for having chosen UEMC: 

we offer a hands-on teaching staff with highly specialized academic and professional profiles working with the most innovative methods to help you maximize personal and technical skills. We are convinced that such teaching will generate the essential competences and values for a complete professional development.

We will accompany you throughout this teaching-learning process and from the General Secretariat together with CEIBA we will give you all the necessary support so that your only concern is to continue learning.

José Antonio Otero ParraGeneral secretary

Event and Traditions

In his address, he also introduced the UEMC together with its ranking and international reputation. Then, he expressed his gratitude to CEIBA and Wintop for their achievement in China.

After this opening, the ceremony continued with five motivational speeches by:

  • Yang Yuhua – Wintop deputy general manager
  • Javier Alfonso Rodriguez Escobar – UEMC MBA and EMBA program director
  • Jiang Ao – Wintop director of international affairs
  • Wang Xiaozheng – Wintop director of teaching and education
  • Zhu Tiaozhui – HR manager at Xufang Trade Limited

Wintop introduction

Wintop deputy general manager Yang Yuhua introduced the context of this opening ceremony and introduced Wintop and its outstanding and sustained development in China. Wintop has developed strategic cooperation with top Chinese and foreign universities.

opening wintop

UEMC program introduction

UEMC MBA and EMBA program director Javier Alfonso Rodriguez Escobar gave detailed insights on the MBA and EMBA programs. “As Academic Director of the MBA and EMBA graduate programs, I welcome each and every student gathered here. We have worked with different specialists to create these programs that are capable of providing students with sufficient tools to be able to face the current challenges of business management and direction”.

International cooperation

Wintop director of international affairs Jiang Ao wished MBA and EMBA students success in their studies, their personal and professional development. She introduced Spain in the world academic landscape, together with the comparative benefits of the UEMC programs delivered in Chinese competitive education market. 

MBA and EMBA program

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By UEMC General secretary José Antonio Otero Parra

Alumni network

Zhu Tiaozhui is HR manager at Xufang Trade Limited is has been nominated as the MBA class representative. She expressed her views on continuous education and the role it plays in her personal and professional development. Her outstanding speech was encouraging and motivating for her classmates.


Together with CEIBA, European University Miguel de Cervantes  would like to accompany you in your learning process and future development from the international perspective that the global 21st century society demands.


The Executive MBA program provides a global mindset and focus on real-world applicability. EMBA students are mid or senior level managers who want to acquire knowledge and tools that will produce measurable results and impact in their organization.

Master in psychology @ UEMC

The master’s in psychology organized by UEMC and CEIBA business school is designed for executives who want to expand their professional horizons and are interested in entering the field of professional psychology.

Master in Finance @ UEMC

The program provides you with the fundamental knowledge about finance theory and industry practice. While gaining an in-depth grounding with generalist courses in corporate finance and financial markets, the program syllabus will contribute to enhance your quantitative finance and problem-solving skills.

Signature of a cooperation agreement with UEMC

June 2019, CEIBA business school signs a strategic cooperation agreement with the UEMC. UEMC is a private, young and dynamic Spanish university that is recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. UEMC and CEIBA cooperate to develop quality programs supported by personalized attention, small groups and business practices. 

Spanish MBA program opening

This program is jointly developed by CEIBA Business School and the European University Miguel de Cervantes (UEMC). CEIBA Business School aims at providing a World Class Business Education that makes an impact in the economic relations between Europe and China. We inspire executives to bring change.

The academic cooperation between UEMC and CEIBA

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by UEMC General secretary José Antonio Otero Parra

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