Marcin Koszolko: CEIBA Business school’s new dean

Profile and mission

Marcin undertakes the challenge of leading CEIBA Business School as dean. His mission include:

  • participate to all major committees while making independent judgments on policy, budget and administrative matters
  • ensure that the people and academic programs are harmonious and in line with the missions and values of CEIBA.
  • develop holistically CEIBA Business School

Research interest

Marcin’s main academic focus is on cross-culture understanding, both on micro and macro level. Marcin realized a longitudinal study using qualitative methods to understand the adaptation of the social movements in a new social and economic environment. His current academic research focuses on sociological perspectives on entrepreneurship and change management.

Teaching interest

Professor Koszolko teaches cross-cultural management, which includes training on culture shock, social and economic analysis and adaptation strategies for executives and organizations.

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