Welcome to Professor Raj Verma

Profile and mission

Professor Raj Verma integrates CEIBA as associate dean for faculty and research. He received his Phd from LSE and will be in charge of elaborating the research and faculty strategy together with the strategic committee. His task will be to implement the long term strategy to ensure the continuous development of CEIBA’s research capacity. His mission will include: 

  • develop an ecosystem around CEIBA and develop partnerships with universities, companies, research center and think tanks.
  • Provide reviews and guidance for publication to CEIBA's Research Fellows and doctoral students.
  • teach in CEIBA's executive programs, such as MBA, EMBA and DBA programs, notably courses related to managerial economics and research methods.
  • Network with professors internationally to boost CEIBA's publication potential

Research interest

Professor Verma’s main research interest is Chinese foreign and security policy in the Asia-Pacific region, notably between India, China, and the US. He is interested in the political economy of the Eurasian region with a focus on Grand strategy and emerging world order, notably with a neoclassical realist perspective. 

Teaching interest

Professor Verma teaches three main subjects, namely Economics, Research Methods and International Relations. His teaching interest are in comparative political systems and political economy, with a an emphasis on Foreign Policy Analysis and International Security of Emerging Powers: US, China, Russia, India, Japan, Brazil and South Africa.

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