DBA participants

Welcome to our DBA program. We invite ambitious executives to discover our doctoral degree program and the opportunities it can offer you. The goal of the program is to prepare DBA participants to create the conditions to expand your career potential toward consulting and academia.

Who are DBA candidates?

The DBA is a platform where doctoral candidates meet and exchange innovative solutions. It is where the business world and the academic integrate their competences to produce insightful research.

According to Susser (1968) “to practice without theory is to sail an uncharted sea ; theory without practice is not to sail at all”. Hence, through CEIBA’s DBA, doctoral candidates, learn to become engaged management scholars by combining theory and practice.

Key characteristics


The DBA is an executive doctoral degrees is designed for established professionals who play a role model in society.


DBA candidates are inspiring and motivating individuals who seeks to share knowledge.


DBA participants use critical thinking and academic research methods to contribute to the current state of knowledge and instill new ways of doing business.